Action…but WHAT Action?

Steven Barnes
2 min readJan 23, 2024


Today, the most important aspects of Firedance are:

  1. 5MM breathing.
  2. MAGIC Formula expressed as a Morning Ritual
  3. 3 Centers
  4. 3 Gates

“M” is for Mentor. You have to clarify your goals, then research people who have accomplished them with fewer resources. You may have to disassemble your goal a bit.

I had no knowledge of a black SF writer anywhere in the world (there were Octavia and Chip, but I didn’t know about them). So I broke the goal down into pieces.

  1. Success patterns
  2. SF writer patterns
  3. Writer patterns
  4. Artist patterns
  5. Black artist patterns
  6. Black success patterns.

By studying these, I reckoned I would find the core skills necessary to succeed. What I did was read books like “Think And Grow Rich”, then look at biographies of artists, writers, black success stories, to see what they had in common. Then looked at what SF writers said about their craft and art.

One thing in common was that they worked, trained, produced OBSESSIVELY. All the time. And that is what you have to do in ANY arena if you want to get into the top 20%. The people who are always employed. Study also indicated that the process had to be constant, progressive, and gradual. The MAGIC formula is designed to help people in the bottom 40% of luck and privilege. The bottom 10% are people in deep trouble, and we need to be prepared to help them: often, they have been poisoned against their own potential, and can’t leverage their intelligence and energy. HELP THEM. Be an example for them.

Know what daily action you have to take, every day. Take it down to the most basic things:

  1. Body. The Five Tibetans, or Sun Salutations. A walk of a given distance, etc.
  2. Heart. Five Minute Miracle, Heartbeat Meditation, Blessing Dance, etc.
  3. Mind. Re-read goals daily. “A sentence a day” or one phone call per day seeking connection with mentors or customers.

What is the SMALLEST unit that will make progress? Put all your attention there, ALL OF IT, until you get that ball rolling. Then…the principle of compound interest starts working in your favor.





Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes is a NY Times bestselling author, ecstatic husband and father, and holder of black belts in three martial arts.