Where Did Our Fear Begin?

Steven Barnes
5 min readJun 27, 2019

Life is pain, Princess…anyone who says different is selling something” — -The Princess Bride

In speaking of fear, and the way to reclaim our courage, the very natural question is: how did we lose it? If a catastrophic circumstance, or a transformative workshop or spiritual epiphany can unleash this force THEN IT IS ALREADY WITHIN US. It’s learning how to “flip the switch” that is the difficult thing.

Dawn Callan of the “Awakening the Warrior Within” workshop clearly begins with the model that we have within us the “maps” to be healthy animals, successful…

Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes is a NY Times bestselling author, ecstatic husband and father, and holder of black belts in three martial arts. www.lifewritingpodcast.com.

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