Morning Madness

Steven Barnes
3 min readMay 21, 2024



The first thing I do when I wake up is connect with my heart, then my “child” self. What does he want to do today? How is it aligned with my long-term goals? FEEL IT.

Then, whatever pattern I’m exploring, I’ll go through it one step at a time, by memory. TAGR 13-Principles is “it” this month, as I dig deeper and deeper. I remember each step, one at a time starting with #1 and ask how I’m using it in my life. Then I get up, stretch, and Firedance Tai Chi, where I speak aloud the structure of MAGIC.

Then…I’m ready for the day. If I have MAGIC I’m in the game, on the path of Mastery. But to create a “prescription” for the life I want, I need to look at the patterns of my role models, and be very careful to take their “advice.” That requires at least one more “pattern.”

Here’s the truth: no pattern is reality. All of them are just someone’s attempt to catch lightning in a bottle. NONE are totally accurate. They are menus, not meals. But those that have lasted generations (and I flatter myself that MAGIC is just a view of some very old wisdom) can give you a GLIMPSE of the “dynamic sphere” of life action. You can’t quite see it except through peripheral vision.

Just as powerful emotions are calls to action, and you DON’T FEEL THE FEAR while you are totally engaged in such action, total commitment also sensitized you to that “reality”, that “dynamic sphere.” By taking action within the Three Centers and Three Gates, we grasp what is True about life, the action-reaction of it, the living beating heart of existence.

Try to hold onto it, and it vanishes. But in righteous action, we are on the Eightfold Path, and the more time we spend upon it, the clearer that peripheral vision becomes.

Now note: the material results are BY PRODUCTS of righteous action. You might start by wanting money, but in the process of pursuing it, if you are following balanced healthy role models, you’ll end up simply seeking to give service at higher and higher levels…because you are engaged on the “survival” level you automatically protect yourself, build a mastermind of family or lawyers and accountants to help you create protective contracts and guard your money.

Just yesterday I spoke with a gentleman who has a fascinating business possibility. I could see how I could play there and have fun. And told him that our first conversation was free, but if he wants to go further, he will need to talk to my manager, Jim. Jim handles the business. He’ll tell me if the numbers are right. My agents and lawyers will look deeper eventually, but if Jim likes what he sees, then he’ll tell my “adult” self, and that “adult” will let my “child” out to play. The gentleman I spoke with can then let HIS “child” out to play, and we will brainstorm like crazy, with our “parent’ selves watching carefully to be sure all is safe.

If that makes sense, you could take what I just said and map it on the MAGIC formula, or the TAGR pattern, and learn. And if every time you hear someone you admire discussing how they navigate their bodies, relationships, emotions, or finances, you will say “ah! This is what they are doing. This is how they got to this point. This is how they set themselves up to “attract luck.” This is how they built their Masterminds, and this is how they reward the members thereof. THIS is her primary “mastermind”, a core relationship with spouse, friend, partner, agent….

You’ll see it. If you are certain that you have no “zeros” in the MAGIC formula, and are following the Three Gates and Three Centers, remembering that the meaning of life is to escape pain, embrace joy, and give service…you can look at these other patterns, experiment with them like a scientist, note your results, and double down on what works.

Teach others what you discover, and when they verify your results, DOUBLE DOWN AGAIN.

And…each one, teach ten.





Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes is a NY Times bestselling author, ecstatic husband and father, and holder of black belts in three martial arts.