Moving and the inner world

Steven Barnes
7 min readSep 21, 2022

So we’re moved into the new house, a process that has been expensive in every conceivable way, some I’ve written about, others I’ve kept to myself. If we had not been sufficiently abundant in energy, time, health, finances, and friends, it wouldn’t have been possible for my family to be in what may well be the best situation we’ve ever been. More on that later.

But if I am tired right now, temporarily depleted of resource and energy, I know that this is just a temporary situation. I”ve been working my way through the amazing THINK AND GROW RICH, and rather than go on to another step, I thought it would be smarter to go back into the early steps, apply them to the move, and also discuss them in Via Negetiva…what happens if you DON’T have those early steps.

The implication is that you need to have each of these steps handled, and in the order taught. Let’s examine that contention, shall we?

  1. Desire. We had to want to move. Otherwise, what would overcome the inertia? I is vastly easier to stay where you are, even if it is uncomfortable. Objects in motion remain in motion, objects at reast remain at rest. Unless the PAIN of remaining where you are outweighs the PLEASURE, you will not move. Unless the PLEASURE of moving outweighs the PAIN, you will not move. You have to want it. Think of people you know who are “stuck” in their lives, or never accomplish anything. While they may well get screwed up by neglecting a later step, oft-times their fear and lac of clarity robs them of DESIRE, and they will claim not to want abundant finances, a fit healthy body, or a loving relationship. I remember a friend who used to wear a t-shirt saying: “blasé”. It is easier, by far, to pretend you don’t care. And easy to find a tribe of people who will reinforce that lack of honesty. Oh, don’t get me wrong: there ARE people who genujinely don’t want those things. But they don’t complain about the lack of them.
  2. Faith. We had to believe that we could move, and find a better situation. That, in other words, the efforts would bring us more pleausre than pain. That we COULD and SHOULD move. That our previous living situation was not in alignment with our inner being. That’s key, you know: for your insides and outsides to match. Faith is the antidote for fear. And if you have desire and no fear, or fear does NOT stand between you and your desire, you are on track for the next step.
  3. Auto Suggestion. This is your means of aligning the inner and outer worlds, literally…
Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes is a NY Times bestselling author, ecstatic husband and father, and holder of black belts in three martial arts.