Steven Barnes
1 min readMay 12, 2023



One studio executive said that the strike will end “because writers want to write.”

Yes we do. But you have to grasp the paternalistic attitude behind that statement: “you are children. We adults control the playground.”

This is the kind of attitude that grows out of the “work for exposure” mindset: “we’re doing you a favor to let you write.”

I’m on the picket line today. I am not amused.

Yes, I love writing. But I also love MYSELF enough to resist being taken advantage of. You will not use my love to control or abuse me. We ALL have to love ourselves enough to bare our teeth when people attempt this: and they will. Employers, lovers, spouses…if you don’t protect yourself, they will zone in on that big, open, loving heart of yours and strip-mine it.

We will discuss HOW to love yourself, but also how to PROTECT YOUR HEART, tomorrow on FIREDANCE: The Next Level.

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