The Horror of “Awakening the Kundalini Backwards”

Steven Barnes
4 min readDec 8, 2022

If I say that in the animal world, maturation is measured by the capacity to take responsibility for your own welfare, most won’t disagree. But if you extend that to the human world, we run into problems. It isn’t enough to say that we should care for people who cannot care for themselves — I believe that. The problem comes when people don’t want you to even suggest that an inability to cope for yourself is an issue. That is madness, and just egoistic fear.

If I say that adults have responsibility for their actions and emotions, more than children, then yes, I’m implying that the MORE responsibility you take, the more of an “adult” you are. And an awake, aware, adult human being is clearly an ideal in this sense, a direction to aim for.

If my actions affect my results (and they do, in varying degrees, in all three arenas of life) then intelligence is problem solving, but WISDOM would be knowing which problems to solve…and repeating past errors would be a distinct arena of study. You’ll never get to 100% efficiency in the real world, but those who take more responsibility are going to keep searching for answers when others quit…and get better results.

But you still have that question about causes (actions) and results. And people will try to excuse their actions, and blame others for their results, in ways that profit no one, especially themselves. And sometimes this leads to real horror.

On this subject, David Zindell said, “I suppose we could get philosophical here. For a long time, I lived in Boulder, sort of the woo-woo New Age capitol of the world. In the dance community to which I belonged, there was a father and a son. The father had mistreated the son from childhood, and he admitted it. But he blamed the son for “causing” the mistreatment and absolved himself according to this logic: “You chose to be born into the family you were, and you chose me as your father so that you could learn important lessons.”

  • My reply was: “David Zindell people say anything you can imagine. Doesn’t change truth. Your task is to determine THAT to the best of your ability. Unless you admire someone’s destination, ignore their map.
  • People who jump to the spiritual realm to explain the psychological are “waking up their kundalini backwards” and off the map. Start from the animal, go from there to the human, and from THERE to the spiritual. And by that order: adults must take responsibility for…



Steven Barnes

Steven Barnes is a NY Times bestselling author, ecstatic husband and father, and holder of black belts in three martial arts.